As an SEO company, we believe that every viable business can grow multi-fold with increased leads & sales using SEO strategies for their website. Your customer will use Google to search for your product or service and will eventually plan to buy from a website listed in the first page of Google search results. Our SEO Services Agency has been in the business of providing SEO services since 2009 and has since then worked with hundreds of business owners across the globe. There are no short-cuts in SEO and our approach is to follow a process-oriented ‘build-your-brand’ online approach which eventually wins the trust of Google search with increased rankings and website traffic. If you want to know if our SEO Services will work for your Business; Contact us for a Free SEO Action Plan to get your website ranking in the first page of Google search.

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What is SEO?

If your website needs more potential clients, then you need to consider Search Engine Optimization services from an established SEO agency. Our Organic SEO services start with researching words or phrases related to your business that your potential client would search for in Google and using these words in your website as content. But targeting these words or ‘keywords’ as they are known in SEO parlance, for the sole intent of ranking in Google search does not work any longer. Google has gotten smarter when showing website results and your potential customers also have gotten a lot smarter when it comes to clicking on these results. They look for solutions to their problems and leave websites that don’t do that. If you are looking to include SEO in your Digital Marketing Strategy firstly you will need to reconcile to the fact that any kind of SEO strategy takes a great deal of patience, an interactive website, content creation, and constant monitoring by some very smart people. Meet them here.

Our Unique Process

A SEO strategy starts with firstly identifying the goals of why SEO is being considered by the client. Mostly SEO is considered for the purpose of ranking of the keywords in Google search and nothing more. For us, that is very short-sighted. Using this strategy will only lead to frictions between the SEO agency and the client. Agencies promise to deliver SEO results within 3 or 6 months (with no scientific backing for this number) and Client in-turn keep their hopes high that once the ranking is achieved, there would be deluge of prospective customers.

When the deluge does not come as promised and what appears is a trickle of unqualified and ‘dummy’ leads – then all hell breaks loose at the SEO progress review meetings. If this sounds familiar and find yourself stuck in a similar situation, read on to find out more about our unique approach that is designed around one important actor in the SEO puzzle – our client’s client!


Our SEO services project discovery starts with a questionnaire to find out more about the client’s goals, products, competitors, selling points of their products, etc. Identifying the target audiences (our client’s client) and preparing an in-depth customer persona is an integral part of this process. A persona will help us as an SEO Agency to understand what kind of SEO Content Writing would help in getting the website ranked not only for business terms and also for those that potentially help solve a problem for the reader. Identification of existing backlinks and identifying potential sources for future link building opportunities are researched.

Website Analysis

A Website that does not convert potential customers to qualified leads is one of the major reasons for failure of many SEO companies. Most of the websites are designed to look good, but not to convert. Navigation of the site on mobile devices along with the user experience can be another major reason for Google Search Engine Optimization ranking problems as Google uses a mobile-first algorithm to rank websites. Identifying potential problems in the website including technical errors that may harm the ranking of the website is also done at this stage. Our analysts ensure that we cover you during this phase – suggesting and implementing the changes on your website as part of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.

Keyword Research

Content Plan

Our ethos for any SEO Campaign from a client perspective has been simple. Firstly, ensure that we build content that includes an area of expertise, written for the audience who is searching for the content. Include keywords that ‘hit’ the topic area and the target audience and ensure the content is published on the website and then make attempts to reach out to audiences who may be interested to read or link to it. Content writing is an art, and we believe that artists need to be paid. Compromising on quality because a content writer volunteered to write for less is something we don’t subscribe to, and we stand by it. Our SEO content writing stage includes analyzing web pages that need content improvements, content ideas related to the business including currently trending topics.

Execution Plan

Flawless execution determines the difference between the Best SEO Company and an average one. With the plan in place, our team of Professional SEO Experts get on the job with timelines drawn up for each of the activities. Checklists are maintained for standard operating procedure-based activities and internal reviews by our internal teams for project-specific work. Screen grabs, Data backups are a part of our protocol to prevent data loss and to ensure there is a smooth transition from strategy, planning stages to execution all the while keeping the client in the loop with the status of each of the activities.

Monitoring & Reporting

Most SEO Agencies send out monthly reports that include the keyword ranking report along with a snapshot of data from Google Analytics. As a part of their SEO packages, it is more of a customer formality rather than data for analysis and next step planning. As your SEO Agency, client reporting and feedback are essential with special emphasis on data that shows what is working and what is not. Monitoring aspects of the project include whether a monthly content plan is followed and if the website is being updated with new content. Monitoring of the client website for errors, google penalties, and any negative publicity that could impact the Organic SEO Ranking is included in our scope of work. Our analysts don’t just rely on tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and SEMrush but manually check for indicators for potential problems. Checking for websites that link back to yours is very critical to ensure Google penalties. Link quality and context need to be analyzed by experienced hands and report the spammy links that need to be removed. Our monthly website audit checklist has over 50+ parameters that will be reviewed and actioned upon accordingly.

Benefits for you as our valued customer


SEO experts since 2009

SEO Expert consultancy & project execution from a team that has over 15+ years of experience in the field of Google Search Engine Optimization. Over time, we have learned and evolved working with many kinds of businesses both big and small to produce successful SEO campaign results.


Latest SEO Trends & Processes

As a professional SEO company with the best SEO experts, we track every new Google algorithm update, to minimize the risk of websites losing their rankings, which in turn affects traffic and sales. We constantly monitor our SEO digital marketing strategies and activities to sync them with what Google expects from an "SEO-friendly" website. You can focus on your business with the assurance that SEO works for your business as we have got your back.


Transparent SEO process

Building links from low-quality websites, hijacking login credentials, and holding customers to ransom in the case of canceled contracts are some dark secrets of the SEO industry. Building strong customer trust and meaningful relationships has been the foundation of our existence over the past 2 decades and this is something that is reflected in our transparent SEO services as well. We also work closely with you with plans and strategies to continue maintaining your top ranking in Google for your business keywords.


In house team

Our SEO Management team comprises full-time web designers and web developers are involved in all stages of the SEO project to ensure all the requirements for the launch of a successful SEO campaign are met.


Blog Content Writing

Content marketing is an important activity for ensuring SEO success. Our team will work with you to understand how your expertise in solving your customers problems can be represented in an easy-to-understand format. These kinds of blogs will get you more ranking and also relevant customers interested in your products or service.


Get more Sales Leads

Our Google SEO services don't just stop with keyword ranking. We ensure that our SEO services can help you get more traffic and customer inquiries. We help set up simple tools that will enable you to track your SEO project progress and measure the outcomes as time progresses. One example is this Free Google My Business dashboard that provides valuable information about your business listing on Google Maps (Google My Business).

Why Us?

Hire us – A talented bunch of digital marketers, creative designers, web developers and strategists who push the limits to ensure our client businesses are growing and successful using Digital Marketing.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've got answers to all your SEO Questions

Cool. We get you started with a consultation with a team member who would guide you through the process. Ideally, we should get started on your project within about 48hours from the time we sign-off!

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We will need a certain number of hours every week or month for reviews on the progress of work. Initially there may be an increased number of meeting requests for understanding products, competition, design or content approvals etc.

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Our difference lies in the fact that we are not a 'ranking' only focussed company. Most agency-client problems stem from the fact that clients are not made aware about the deliverables or results that can be expected.

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YES and NO! Yes, if you want to continue to rank for more relevant business-related keywords to increase traffic and leads to your website & NO if you don’t want to!

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All the SEO projects undergo some important changes in terms of user experience, resolving technical errors, making design changes on some important pages to give better navigation of the users across the site. 

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Case Study

SEO for an Executive Coaching Client resulted in improved organic visibility and achieved great positions in Google search.

SEO for a Cleaning chemicals manufacturer

Organic Traffic


Visits came from Google Search Engine



Were First-time website visitors



Number of new keywords for which the website can be found in Google search



Qualified conversions that include Subscribers, e-book downloads and Inquiries.

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