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Will you make changes to our website?

All the SEO projects undergo some important changes in terms of user experience, resolving technical errors, making design changes on some important pages to give better navigation of the users across the site. 

There are some specific action items that are included in the SEO responsibilities, which are actually crucial for better SEO Results. Some of them are:

  • Optimizing the homepage and other important pages for all SEO elements visibility and HTML Coding and proper Internal link structure to various parts of the website.
  • Analyzing existing design can be improved or proposing a whole new design for selected pages or the whole website which satisfies the goals of the project.
  • Complete optimization of the Title tags, Description tags, Image Tags, and Header tags for every page. 
  • Optimizing the Footer and Sidebar sections 
  • XML Sitemaps update and Navigational Schemas will be implemented based on the recent changes. 
  • Get the reports from Google Page Speed Insights and make necessary changes for improving website performance. 
  • Image optimization – reducing/compressing the image size for faster loading 
  • Removing unused Javascript and CSS scripts. 
  • Eliminating render blocking resources which affects the page loading time. 
  • Any third party code which is served by any API Calls, or loading from different sites, will be either removed or optimized for faster loading.
  • Reducing the sliders or other design blocks which increase the loading of the web pages.

There are many more technical issues that will be listed down, documented and resolved in the first phase of the SEO Process. These technical issues can be very crucial sometimes and may affect the ranking directly and indirectly. Our Web designing team will be dedicating many hours to resolve these issues to keep the site live 24/7  with improved performance. 


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