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Why am I not seeing my PPC ads?


This is one of the most common questions our clients ask us when we’re starting a new PPC campaign. They come up with the questions like  “Where are my ads? I searched for my keywords and didn’t see my ad.”

This is a reasonable question and answering the question is undeniable. The advertiser is paying for the clicks and conversions and sometimes they want to check how the ads are coming on google search. 

It is equally important to understand that there are some internal and external factors that might prevent the ads from triggering 100% of the time. From daily budget to Ads Schedules, there are several reasons that tell you that you may have a hard time seeing your ads when you search for them. Below are some of them:

  • The campaign daily budget is exhausted
  • The bids are too low compared to the top competitors 
  • The keywords might not have any search volumes at all
  • Ads may have too many invalid clicks
  • Ads have been paused, disapproved or removed 
  • There’s a Scheduling, Targeting or Geo-location mismatch 
  • There are too many negative keywords for low search volume keywords
  • The Ads score and Ad Copies relevancy is very low compared to competitors
  • Very low search impression share due to low search volume keywords 
  • You’re using the wrong browser
  • You’ve excluded certain product/service categories from your google account Ad personalization, etc.

These are some of the top reasons why we can’t see our ads every time . For the same keywords or search phrases, the competitors ads also will not trigger 100% of the time. Any PPC Ads platform has certain limitations and external factors that influence the Ads positioning and placements. 

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