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Should I bid on my brand name?

Should I bid on my brand name

New advertisers or unique product sellers are not much convinced about the bidding on own Brand keywords. Some advertisers may argue that if you already have the top ranking in organic search results, it’s not necessary to pay search engines to show their ads. 

But there are some advantages also bidding on own brand keywords. 

  • Bidding is Cheap – In most cases bidding on your own brand cheap as the brand name has less popularity and also the cost per click is extremely low.
  • Clicks Optimization – You may not lose any clicks to your competitors. If your product or service has attained more popularity than competitor’s, then they’ll bid on your keywords to get the highest ad ranking.
  • Control on your brand reach – Bidding on your brand keywords increases the exposure in your business niche.
  • Better CTR and More Quality Traffic – With the dynamic search ads and extensive use of site links and structured snippets, you have better opportunities to showcase the highlights of your brand. 
  • Quality Score Improvement – You get super high CTR and better quality scores. Google always rewards advertisers with high quality scores by lowering their cost per click (CPC). 


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