Digital Marketing Campaign Results

KWK Resistors took on the Digital Marketing services of IRDM to see a 76.64 % Jump in New Visitor Traffic within a period of 2 months of website launch. About 175 new calculations performed in the past 30 days using the online Braking Resistor calculator lead 'magnet'.


Google Ad Campaign Results

Wooden Flooring company based in Bengaluru increased leads on their website by 403% using Google Ads. Not only did the number of leads increase, but the cost per lead cost also came down by almost by 65% compared to the previous 2 months.


Recent SEO campaign results

An ecommerce website that was optimised for relevant keywords and content gave some outstanding results of traffic growth with over a 500% increase in the number of users visiting the website.

How We Do It

digital marketinbg strategizing planning persona buidling


  • Persona Building
  • Identify Goals
  • Evaluate existing Channels & Assets
  • Audit Content
  • Timeline & Metrics
digital marketinbg strategizing planning persona buidling

Every great mission starts with a generalized plan before you work out the specifics. Drawing out ideas, discussion with your sales & marketing teams along with your leadership team is a part of the process. Drawing up goals of what is to be expected from the activity and measurements of these goals is a part of this phase.

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buidl website wireframes content calendar on;line campaigns


  • Visual & Textual Content
  • Wireframes
  • Website & Apps
  • Content Calendar
  • Online Campaigns
buidl website wireframes content calendar on;line campaigns

Setting milestones & timelines, Building customer Persona, Wireframes of web pages, email templates. Blog topics research, Keyword research, website content building & website building form a part of this phase.

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deliver high performance ppc campiagns content promotional activities


  • PPC campaign
  • Local & Website SEO
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Content promotion
deliver high performance ppc campiagns content promotional activities

Once client approvals are received for the content assets, testing is doing to ensure it works across all devices like mobile phones, desktops & browsers. Go live dates are planned in advance for website launch, social media & Advertising campaigns. Coordination between our team and the client is crucial here.

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measure seo ppc rankings results


  • Campaign Quality
  • Content performance
  • Leads
  • Lead Quality
measure seo ppc rankings results

Campaign impact by measuring response to campaign cannot be emphasised enough! Multivariate analysis of Ad campaigns, Landing pages, Emailers are done to analyse if we are on the right track and plan for any course corrections.

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Our Services

Our Digital Marketing Services save businesses more time and help them generate more results. We are pros at Website building , Search Engine Optimization , Social Media Marketing and Google Paid advertising services. We don't believe in fitting a client to a digital marketing strategy; but do it the other way around. This has been the driving force behind the hundreds of digital marketing campaigns of our clients.

Our scope of work includes website design, interactive web applications, mobile apps, content marketing and Cloud infrastructure hosting. With over 2 decades of experience in this space of the internet, WWW and now the Digital Marketing revolution, we have become a one-stop-shop for all things connected to the web, mobile and digital media. Meet our enthusiastic team


Search Engine Optimisation

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Paid Advertising & Search Engine Marketing

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Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Generating awareness of your business, getting new customers using social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn is one of the strategies used in digital marketing. Social media marketing came into being because people are present on social media almost throughout the day. Advertising to this connected audience can help in the promotion of your business and also generate leads and sales.

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Website Design & Development Services

Designing a successful website project just became as difficult as landing a man on Mars! With so many devices, browsers and most importantly the need to grab eyeballs just made a designer’s job so difficult. Websites can come in many shapes and budgets! Starting from a $500 (INR30K) website project, it can go up to $50K (300K) depending on your business needs.

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Ecommerce Design & Online Store Promotion Services

If you have an offline business selling products to end-users or retailers; planning for an online store with payments and shipments through own website or mobile app is recommended. Like any website design project, Ecommerce based projects require meticulous planning with the key being a shopper-friendly design and focus on marketing & promotions of the featured products and the online store in general.

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Website, Email & Whatsapp Messaging

In order for your business to be able to communicate with your customers online there are a multitude of channels that include Email, SMS, Facebook chat and most more recently WhatsApp and automated Chatbots. Website push notifications are the newest tech gadget to have in your website that allows you to reach your prospective customers with offers and alerts even if he is not on a web browser.

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Our Clients

Sunil Magavi alpha montessori school

Case Study

Digital Marketing Campaign to drive event tickets sales for a renowned Yoga Training Centre



Number of times Ad was displayed



A completed activity that can include filling an enquiry form online


₹ 40,000

The total amount that was spent for the ad campaign


₹ 300,000

Turnover achieved as a result of the ad campaign

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