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I’m doing SEO already, do I still need to go for SEM?

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) refers to paid advertising. It is one of the important marketing channels and is one of the fastest ways to get more traffic to your website. Even though you’re following all the compliments SEO and content marketing strategies to and get the top position on Google Search Results, Search Ads will give you top spot where your brand stands at the top of Google, Bing and all the other search engines.  

There are a ton of reasons why any business can look at the option of SEM or Paid advertising Follows:

  • SEM is more conversions and Sales focussed – Your SEM campaign objectives can be more conversions in the form of Inquiries, Subscribers, Form Fillups,Surveys, Freemium App signups, Completing the sale online right away. All these conversion actions can be completely trackable with simple methods. 
  • Quality and Relevant Traffic – The main reason to start SEM campaigns is to get a more relevant and targeted audience which ultimately generates more leads/conversions and sales. All your website or Conversion-focused landing pages or sales pages that move your web / landing page traffic through the marketing and sales funnel.
  • SEM For Faster Results – The Organic results may not be typically linked to landing pages and sometimes they’re excluded from, but paid campaigns ads are strategized for this. Your SEO goals can improve your brand awareness and more visibility for your content, while paid ads can really focus on sales or specific goals that send the audience to the top of funnel conversions.
  • SEM for Brand AwarenessSEM is often considered as the bottom-funnel marketing channel behind the sales, it can also support and help to achieve your brand awareness goals. According to Google, search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.

And many more reasons why any brand can choose SEM over SEO. As a leading PPC Services Company, Immersive Radical Digimedia helped many companies to achieve their SEM Goals with less budget. Talk to us today to find out how you can use our PPC Management Services to generate more leads for your business.


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