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How do I measure the success of search engine marketing efforts?

If you’re managing SEO for your Business website, the metrics to be tracked are plenty. You can track Rankings, Traffic, Conversions, Goals, User Behavioural Flow, Bounce Rates etc.,

But to measure the Success of PCC, you have one straightforward metric, that is ROI.

If you’re not satisfied with the ROI you got, you may have to stop the PPC efforts and you can blame the PPC strategists for not getting satisfied results. This is the most common scenario for every business.

But before getting any conclusions to stop PPC Advertising, you can always try PPC Audit Service to recheck your account and all Campaigns and find out the places where you can improve the performance.

Top parameters for PPC Audit Checklist:

  1. Recheck the Location and Targeted Audience settings.
  2. Evaluate your Ad Copies compared to your landing page.
  3. Use right Ad extensions.
  4. Analyze and categorize your keywords based on Funnels
  5. Monitor the campaigns with right analytics tool and analyze KPIs

Once you’ve reevaluated all your campaigns, now it’s time to set your goals to measure the ROI or the Success of your PPC Campaigns. These are some of the most common metrics tracked by millions of advertisers to measure their PPC Success.

  1. Clicks
  2. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  3. Quality Score
  4. Cost Per Click (CPC)
  5. Total Conversions
  6. Cost Per Conversion/Acquisition (CPA)
  7. Impression Share (CPM)
  8. Absolute top of the page Ad rank
  9. Total Calls happened / Direction Visits
  10. Lifetime value of the User

If you’re interested in starting PPC Advertising for your Business, please reach out at https://www.radical.co.in/ppc-services-company/. We love to help customers.



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