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Is Display Advertising Effective?

Is Display Advertising Effective?

Though search Ads are targeted towards the most relevant customers and people who’re actually looking for your products or services, the reach is always limited and you have to spend hundreds of dollars in getting relevant clicks and traffic to your website. But when you speak about the display ads, the cost and how many people click on them, and the traffic quality you may get still delivers a positive ROI for most investors.

Let’s say you’re spending on average $0.5 for each click,

At just 1% click rate out of 1 Million Impressions, that’s still 10,000 people clicking on your ad — 10,000 new potential customers!

The same figures you may not get with search Ads. The minimum rates may range from at least $4 for each click especially for B2B industry products campaigns.

So, with Display Ads there’s a way that you can earn even more relevant and potential customers for your business.

How to make your Display Ads Work?

If you do not have a new strategy, take out the old school strategy and get the most out of display advertising with Retargeting.

Yes, Retargeting examines what your visitors looked at on your website and serves them display ads based on their Interests, Actively Looking History and browser Cookies.

The Display Ads Advertising is the one of the most significant and most effective in terms of viewership, and on average, more than 55% of the Impressions you get are relevant compared to your regular display ads. The conversion rates are 60% more likely to happen with the retargeted audience.

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