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Promote your website and brand on social media to reach out to your prospective customers with your marketing campaigns using our Social Media Management & Campaign Services. With so many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – it is a challenge for a company to understand which platform would be most effective for their business to invest in – both in terms of time and money. We uncomplicate Social Media Marketing helping you figure out what works so that you can focus on running your business.


What Is Social Media Management?

Your customers and prospects use social media tools such as Facebook to be entertained or to stay connected to their friends and family. In the changing business environment where you are faced with stiff competition and reducing customer loyalties – it is important for you as a business owner to reach out to your customers on social platforms. By checking the results over a period of time, you’ll understand the significance of choosing Social Media Marketing over traditional marketing methods

Content that you share on your social channels can be educative, entertaining, informative or a combination of all. Since your customers don’t want to be sold to, you would need to gain their continued trust and confidence by sharing your expertise in your field of work. Content – in the form of pictures, videos, or blogs take a lot of time and expertise to build, which may be overwhelming for a business owner. By associating with a reputed Social Media Marketing Agency like Immersive Radical Digimedia, you can be rest assured of a team of experts working on a strategy that is designed to connect with your target customer on a social media platform relevant to your business and trade. We help you to get all the benefits and high ROI from the social media campaigns we do.


What can I expect from your Social Media Management Services

In order for social media campaigns to work, firstly understanding your target customer and creating a persona (ideal customer profile) is one of the most important steps. Every marketing activity needs to have certain goals and objectives and social media is no different. With the goals identified and with your ideal customer profile data, our team of Social Media marketing experts would then identify the social media platform and the type of content that would relate to your prospects. Then only you’ll be able to generate more leads from the social media campaigns

Our Social Media Auditing Service on all your social channels will check for the Targeted Audience, Engagement habits and Budget Consumption. An in-depth report will be submitted along with the immediate action items. For managing the SMM Services, we create Content in the form of images, videos, blogs or eBooks are created by our team along with a calendar with dates on which the content would be shared on the social media platforms. Monthly Social Media Reports and metrics are generated for your review and feedback is incorporated as we proceed.


An outreach team of online brand ambassadors will support and promote your brand

Social media requires a great deal of time and dedicated effort. Since the initial goal is to reach out to your prospects, our team of Social Media Marketing Experts work like an extended arm of your marketing department by identifying sources to share content about your products or business. With thorough research and information, we reach out to relevant prospects posting questions or answering questions on your behalf. Doing the heavy-lifting for you, we will then turn over prospective leads over to your internal marketing team for further follow-up.

Execute a content schedule 7 days a week

A Social Media Content calendar can be as simple as an excel sheet with dates and the social media content that would be published on all or specific social media platforms. The calendar helps to plan and schedule social media content in advance based on the goals and objectives of your Digital Marketing Campaign. With the constant flow of ideas, new content it can be quite daunting to manage your social media content on a daily basis. Our social media team will work closely with you to plan and execute Social Media Campaigns flawlessly with a content schedule every month.

Management of online ads

Creating content and sharing it on your social media profile may not sound very difficult. But when you take into account promotion and advertising this content, then the task just got a lot tougher. Our teams are skilled at strategizing a paid Social Media Promotion Campaign to not only reach out to your prospects but also measure the impact of these campaigns on your business.

Strategize content ideas for Blogging

Writing relevant blogs with topics that matter to your prospective audience is an important part of Social Media Marketing. Identifying content topics is a difficult task, but with the help of some manual research and Social Media Analytical Tools, our teams will identify important questions relevant to your business that your audience will want answers for. Blogs are a great way to become personal and start communication with your audience. Our SMM Services includes promoting your blogs on social media like Twitter, and Facebook will ensure it reaches your intended audience.

Monthly reports including Social media analytics on the Social Media Campaigns Performance.

How Can Social Media Campaigns Be effective

With the right kind of strategy, content and audience targeting, social media campaigns can be very effective and can create a positive impact online for your business. Asking your existing customers to share their reviews and feedback on social media is on the many strategies that can help you build a brand online.

With the right kind of Digital Marketing Company backing, your business can use social media marketing campaigns to grow your brand and business. Here are some of the reasons why you think you should choose Immersive Radical Digimedia as your Social Media Marketing Agency of choice!

Is Paid Advertising on Social Media Effective?

social media marketing services


Most Social Media Ad Campaigns fail because they redirect the prospect to the website that does not provide a relevant page that can convert the prospect to a lead. Landing pages are campaign specific web pages that contain the same advertising messages or offers and are focused to drive the prospect to enquire or drop in his contact information.

  • Mobile device compatible landing pages
  • Conversion focussed design to capture leads
  • Different landing pages help in A/B testing of campaigns to test what works better
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social media marketing services


  • Create different ad images for different campaigns
  • Use real images where possible
  • Make offers irresistible
  • Use hashtags especially on Instagram
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Target Audience

Identify the right Social Media Channel where your ideal customer spends most of his or her time. Based on where your content strikes a chord with your fans is where you should be spending your initial ad budgets

  • Define Ad goals and objectives
  • Review all targeting parameters to reach relevant audience
  • Upload list of contacts to target or create lookalike audiences of people to resemble your existing contacts.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer a range of social media management services with prices starting from Rs.40,000 onwards.

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Firstly we get started by sending you a digital marketing questionnaire, after which we initiate a project kick-off meeting to go through the contents of the questionnaire.

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Yes. Using Social Media to promote your business definetly works.

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Experience of handling social media campaigns is one of the primary reasons to hire an agency.

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Advertising on social media is recommended as it enables you to quickly reach thousands of people who have shown an interest in your product or service

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Case Study

Using Facebook Advertising, Real Estate firm was able to generate new leads at a low cost



Prospects who viewed & clicked on the ad



Percentage of people who viewed & clicked on the ad



Number of completed actions that included filling an enquiry form online

Cost Per Lead

₹ 100

Total cost paid for an ad. in relation to acquiring the lead

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