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Rebranding Your Business On Social Media & Google My Business – Download Bonus Rebranding Checklist

December 4, 2020


Companies evolve and often, to stay competitive, they must evolve their brand and branding. Especially when you are making a change to your company’s marketing position, philosophy, vision & values, a great rebranding strategy for your company is very important.

Rebranding a business or Company Rebranding has its own risks and advantages. But, a well thought, researched & planned rebranding campaign shall always give good gains.

Rebranding a company involves developing a new business name, new business logo, and marketing materials to create a new brand identity. Here, we offer a comprehensive guide to rebranding your business once you have a new business name and newly designed business logo ready.

The Business Rebranding Guide covers the areas of:

Rebranding A Business on All Social Media Channels:

You don’t have to create a new business page for rebranding on all Social Media Channels. Instead, you can update your existing business page with the new business details as shown below. Updating your existing business details with new business details helps in retaining the existing follower base and also can save you from a lot of work such as brand reach,  awareness, trust-building & more.

Rebranding on Facebook:

Whether you’re changing your business name, and other contact information, or simply rebranding, here’s a simple guide on how to rebrand your Facebook business page without having to create a whole new page.

Changing business details on Facebook

Note: You’ll need to be an admin of the business page to change the Business details.

  • On Facebook, from your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu and navigate to your Page.Changing-business-details-on-Facebook
  • In the menu on the left side of your Page, click ‘Edit Page Info’.
  • Click Edit next to your current Page username.Changing-business-details-on-Facebook
  • Change name, username, business description, contact information, business category, & other information as needed.

Note: To change the username, enter a username that follows the username guidelines and it would show a green tick if the username is available, and click ‘Create Username’.

Since you’re rebranding, don’t forget to switch out profile images and cover photos or cover video to let your customers informed.

Rebranding on Instagram:

Rebranding on Instagram is a bit challenging, but if the approach is strategic and goal oriented, you can see great results in the form of more reach and engagement for your business. Here are some useful tips you can consider while rebranding your business on Instagram:

  1.  Pick a theme and choose right colors for the upcoming social posts and make sure you follow the same themes and colors across all social media profiles.
  2.  Choose what type of content you want to post and how you want to reach your customers and decide the goals and objectives before choosing the content to post
  3.  Decide How You Want To Use Instagram Business Account, do you want to promote your business by attracting a lot of customers to the website’s products or service pages or you’re just promoting for brand awareness.

Changing Business details on Instagram

Note: Your Instagram account should be a professional account.

Step 1: On Instagram -> tap ‘Edit Profile’


Step 2: Edit the following:

  1. Username
  2. Business Category (if needed), and
  3. Business contact info such as website address, contact numbers & address.


Note: You also have the option to display or hide your business category and contact information on your profile.

If you would like to display/hide Business category & Contact information,

  1. Go to Profile Display under Public Business Information
  2. Choose whether you want to hide or display your category label and contact info and tap on the tick mark to save your changes.

Here is a list of Google Local business categories that you can select from that you can list your business under.

Rebranding Your YouTube Channel:

If you are looking only to change the type of content on your channel and the channel was inactive for many months, it could be easier to rebrand and keep the channel. If the channel still gets lots of views and has a subscriber base it maybe best to start a new separate channel. If you have an established channel, then you might consider informing all your subscribers, changing the logos and cover photos of the channel.

Changing business details on YouTube:

Sign in to YouTube Studio.

Step 1: From the left-hand menu, select Customization and then Basic info.



Step 2: To update channel name & description:

  1. Click ‘Edit’ and enter your new channel name and description.


Step 3: To add website & other social channel links,

  1. Click ‘Add link’ and enter the title and URL of your site.
  2. Select Links on the banner and choose which links you’d like to display.

Step 4: To Add Contact info,

  1. At the bottom, enter your email address.

Step 5: Finally, click ‘Publish’.
Note: You can only change your channel name three times every 90 days.

Rebranding Your Local Business Listing or Google My Business Account:

If you’re new to the business niche, then it’s easy, but rebranding an established business is not so easy. You might have to think and work on website re-design, your New products and services, logos, other business directory listings may all need to change at once.

If you want to optimize the Google My Business Listing, you’ll certainly want to look at the following items to see if they will still be accurate after the change.

Check How to Optimize Google My Business Listing and Download Free GMB Checklist

Changing current Google My Business(GMB) listing details:

Your existing Google My Business(GMB) listing has to be updated with the new information. You must change your GMB Business name, address and phone number.

Below are the steps to edit your existing GMB listing.

Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business and click on ‘My Business’.


Step 2: If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage.


Step 3: From the menu, click Info.


Step 4: Update the business name, phone number, business description, services, products, service areas as necessary.

Step 5: To change business address, click the address field Location.


  1. Enter your address and click Apply.
  2. There can be chances that you can’t find your address. In such cases, on the right side of the window, you’ll see a red Set marker location button appear over a map of your city, click Set marker location.
  3. A map will appear with a red pin on your business location. You can drag this pin on the map. Place the pin at the center of your location.
  4. After you pinpoint the center of your location, click Apply.

Once all the details are updated & published, Google will review your edits for quality before they’re published.


Always use a Local Phone number on your Business Listing. Google has very strict and specific guidelines on updating Phone numbers.

Overtaking another Google My business listing:

If you have acquired new business locations, then you will want to overtake GMB listing of the newly acquired business for rebranding. Below are the steps to overtake another business listing on GMB:

If a Business Profile on Google has already been verified and you’re authorized to manage the profile, you can request ownership from the current profile owner. If you try to access a claimed multi-location profile, you can also verify as a site manager.

To find the Business Profile that you want to request ownership of, use either of these methods:
Go to business.google.com/add and Enter the name of the business, then choose the relevant listing from the search results.


You’ll get a message that says someone else verified the profile. If you’re authorised to manage the profile, you can request ownership from the current profile owner.


Click Request access and fill in the form.


Fill out the form and click Submit.


Now, The current profile owner will get an email that asks them to contact you and you’ll get a confirmation email.

What to do after you’ve requested ownership?

After you request ownership, the current profile owner will have three to seven days to respond. To check the status of your request, sign in to Google My Business or click the link in your confirmation email.


If your request is approved: You’ll be notified by email and can manage the Business Profile in Google My Business.

If your request is denied: You’ll be notified by email, and you can still suggest an edit to the profile. Also, you might be able to appeal the denied request.

If you don’t hear back: If you don’t get a response after 3-7 days, you might have the option to claim the profile yourself. Sign in to Google My Business, and look for a “Claim” or “Verify” button on your dashboard.

If you don’t get an option to claim the profile, that means you can’t transfer the profile.

Download Your Comprehensive Business Rebranding checklist for you to a successful rebranding of your business on top social media platforms and also on Google my Business.

I hope you enjoyed this topic on what to do in the event of a rebranding project of your social media profiles and Google Map listing. I would like to hear your comments in the section below, happy marketing!


Author: Sumalatha

Sumalatha is an SEO & Digital Marketing Professional at Immersive Radical Digimedia, helping businesses with content marketing, growth & brand building strategies, and to see and build tangible & consistent ROI.

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