Why Do you Need one?

Identifying your Product USP’s and the Ideal customer who would buy and use your product/service are very essential for any Business and now has become mandatory before starting Digital Marketing activities.


What is a Customer Profile or Persona?

Buyer personas or customer personas are a description of your ideal customer with specific information of the kind of job they do, the challenges they face in doing their jobs and how they make their buying or vendor selection decisions.

Why is a customer profile important in marketing your business?

With the help of this Digital Marketing persona, Businesses are able to understand the expectations of their target audience/customers better so they can craft relevant marketing messages to acquire and serve those customers. This Template will be very useful when either during the Design of your Website, Keyword research for Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising or Social Media Services.

How to Create Customer Profile?

Whether you run marketing campaigns in-house or you work with an external Digital Marketing agency, or hiring an independent SEO or Digital Marketing Consultant; this customer persona template will ensure you can capture all aspects of your audience for whom you are planning the marketing campaigns. Ideally this information needs to be gathered from your existing customers, prospective customers, referrals and external networks including social media.

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If you have different products catering to different segments of customers, then you may need to create more than one customer persona template. This template can be used in Excel or Google Sheets and are a set of questions that are ultimately going to ensure about how your customers can find and consume your content. With this Excel template that is attached in this guide, you will find the most relevant questions that form a part of a customer profile. Do note that if you sell more retail or to end-users then you may choose to ignore certain questions that are more specific to the job that your target audience does.

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What Questions can be included in a customer profile?


Some of the questions included as a part of the questionnaire to define your customer profile are listed below. You can include or remove from this list so that you can get the most accurate description of your ideal customer.

Organisation Related

  • What is the Size of the Organisation where you work?
  • What is the country of Operations?
  • What is the Product you/organisation manufactures?

Personal Information

  • Age & Gender
  • Educational Qualifications including information about the subjects of study

Role & Responsibility Related

  • What is Main Role & Responsibility?
  • What’s your Job Title?
  • How is your Job Measured?
  • Who do you report to?

Goals & Challenges

  • What are your Goals & Objectives?
  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • Pain Points - What are typical "trigger-points" for you to start searching for alternate solutions

Buying Decisions

  • How do you learn about new information for your job?
  • Brands of products you already use. What do you like/dislike about those products?
  • How do you prefer to interact with vendors?
  • Do you use the internet to research vendors or products? If yes, how do you search for information?
  • Objections - Your objection to using a new product or service.
  • What decision criteria do you have if any?
  • What are typical success factors?

Tips to Remember while Interviewing Customer’s


Here are some tips to get your audience to answer these questions for

Incentivize / Offer them a small gift for answering these questions. Customers who already are willing to talk to you, may not need one, but with an incentive on offer, you may get more than a willing prospect to talk to you.

Tell your customer or prospect - that this is not a sales call. When talking to people especially those who are yet to become your customers, you need to tell them that these questions are for part of a research that is being done.

Give them a time that is flexible and convenient at the beginning itself. Make them feel important and taken care of during the call so that you get a prospect who is more than willing to answer your questions

What is a Product USP Sheet - How to Use it?

A product’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is one of the most important and basic requirement s when drafting any marketing campaign. It is a summary of what makes your business or product/service unique and the value it offers to your target audience/prospect customer. Here are the key steps to frame your product USP.


Describe your audience.

The Customer persona Template that we have provided can help you define the characteristics of who will be consuming your product. Many sales & marketing teams may find this process of identifying and defining their customer persona’s challenging and sometimes frustrating. In some cases, some of the answers to the questions that try to identify the actual problem are given a pass or answered based on some past customer experiences or internal biases. It is important to understand that unless you identify and answer the WHY your customer should BUY your product – all your online digital marketing activities may become wasteful expenditure.


Explain the problem your business/product will solve

Answer in very simple terms - the problem or challenge your business will help solve for your customer. This is actually simpler said than done! Features of a product are not actually the Benefits that make a customer reach out for a product they have a need. Benefits are those experiences that customers have while using the product that make them feel happy and make their lives better. Remember the time when Steve Jobs first introduced the iPod to the world. He said “With iPod, Apple has invented a whole new category of digital music player that lets you put your entire music collection in your pocket and listen to it wherever you go.” This was revolutionary in 2001 when people used to carry CD players to listen to music. This statement summarises the benefit without going into any technical features or details and that helped Apple become what it is today – a company known for innovation and sexy products!


Define your promise

A Brand promise is independent of the USP, but can be included to describe the experience that your customers can expect when they buy a product from you. It doesn’t always have to be a slogan but a pledge that you will be making to your customer and this can be included in your marketing material as well. Nike's brand promise is not the slogan 'Just Do it', but the line “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” If you follow Nike’s ads, most of them are about inspiration and courage for people to take up and overcome challenges usually related to sports and outdoor activities.

Why did we create this Template?

Immersive Radical Digimedia specialise in Digital Marketing services including SEO, Per Pay Click Advertising and Social Media services. We believe that the greatest value we offer our clients is our ability to deliver Return on Investment on Digital Marketing spends to match the needs of our customers' businesses.

Before we start our Digital Marketing engagement with our clients, we take the time to understand the business of our client. As most of our client engage with us on long term projects; the Customer persona template helps us identify the ideal buyer wants, needs and problems that need to be solved. Based on the information collected in the customer persona template, our teams are able to plan the messaging, content, Ad strategies and deliverables with accountable Key Performance indicators (KPI's) that form a part of our Digital Marketing engagement. This process also sets in motion the plan and framework of how we can get our client's business goals from where it is to where it should be using Digital Marketing Consulting.

What We Do?


If your website needs more potential clients, then you need to consider Search Engine Optimization. SEO starts with researching words or phrases related to your business that your potential client would search for in Google and using these words in your website as content.

But targeting these words or ‘keywords’ as they are known as in SEO parlance, for the sole intent of ranking in Google search does not work any longer. Google has gotten smarter when showing website results and your potential customers also have gotten a lot more smarter when it comes to clicking on these results. They look for solutions to their problems and leave websites that don’t do that. If you are looking to include SEO in your digital marketing strategy firstly you will need to reconcile to the fact that any kind of a SEO strategy takes a great deal of patience, an interactive website, content creation and constant monitoring by some very smart people. Meet them here

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engines like Google show advertising on their search result pages and is considered effective to drive targeted leads to your website. Paid advertising can help to create instant brand recognition and generate awareness about your product or service and with some fine-tuning of your campaigns can also generate qualified leads for your business.

Our campaign execution teams are up-to-date in terms of what is required for a high performing ad campaign. We look after the campaigns to make it more relevant to the targeted audience, helps in lowering the CPC and ad costsand improving campaign results. Our dedicated PPC management specialist who all work with a common goal to make yourPPC campaign a complete success.

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Website Design

Designing a successful website project just became as difficult as landing a man on Mars! With so many devices, browsers and most importantly the need to grab eyeballs just made a designer’s job so difficult. Websites can come in many shapes and budgets! Starting from a $500 (INR30K) website project, it can go up to $50K (300K) depending on your business needs.

Increase Sales & Leads with a custom website design for your business. Stand out from the competition with a website that looks professional and helps build trust with your prospective customer. WordPress is the world’s most popular website content management system (CMS) that allows you to update your website with content without the help of a web designer. With our Web design services – we can custom build a professional website on wordpress that will optimised to showcase your business on the web – in front of your prospective client looking for your product or service.

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Free Digital Marketing Audit

Want a roadmap created for your Digital marketing campaigns Or wanted someone who can take care of all the 'digital stuff' for you. Speak to us today to find out how we can help put together a Digital Marketing Strategy including Marketing Objectives, Specific Goals and outcomes and finally a content plan to attract audiences relevant for your business.