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Covid-19 Disaster- Affected by the lock-down? Time to Reflect, Time to Rethink on what you need to do to survive these times

March 24, 2020

Sunil Nagaraj

With the current curfew and lockdown in cities across India and the Globe – if you are experiencing a sense of frustration, fear, anxiety and stress, here is something for you to mull over on what you need to be doing right now:

Rethink Cleanliness & Hygiene

If you in the hospitality business, people are really going to be concerned about Cleanliness & Hygiene like never before. So, this is a time to plan and put into action a cleanliness regime for your business / workplace with appropriate systems and processes in place to get your customers coming back.

Rethink Savings and investments

Start an emergency fund & Start now. Put in a fixed amount every month (or week if you are in business) and ensure you keep going at this healthy habit for the long term.

Rethink Humanity

Remember the most effected people are not the rich or upper middle class – it is the daily wagers and lower middle class. Please ensure you pay them on time, or if you employ them at work or at home; give them a salary advance where feasible. Businesses and Corporates – ensure you pay your vendors on time – it is a chain – you cannot afford to break. Don’t hoard, don’t spare hoarders. Ensure you leave enough on shelves for others

Rethink Empathy

Employees working from home, Elders and Senior citizens at home, Municipality workers, Police and Healthcare professionals working to ensure we are safe, support staff at Airports & Bus stations, ambulance / cab drivers and the thousands of nameless hero’s manning essential services to ensure we – the ordinary citizens continue to survive. Our thoughts go out to them and we need to acknowledge our gratitude for their selfless service at this time. Empathy and Compassion is the need of the hour. Being considerate and caring is the emotion that is needed more than ever.

Rethink Health

Now is the time to kick that habit of smoking. Get some exercise even if it is just some simple stretches or ‘jumping jacks’. Keeping your body healthy and immune is the need of the hour

Rethink Fear

We – the current generation may never have seen an epidemic and the existing war-like situation the likes of which we are currently witnessing. Being humans, the tendency to be caught in a web of fear, panic and associated stress are obvious reactions to this situation. But as Humans we also are blessed with a unique ability to get a grip of ourselves, create an inner strength and become more resilient as a species. Humans are adaptable by nature! Fear is temporary. Faith is permanent.

Rethink Learning

If you needed to pick up a skill now is the time. Universities, Training companies, Fitness Apps, Yoga institutes – are all giving away free courses as you spend more time quarantined at home. Instead of binge watching the News channels, Netflix or YouTube – go ahead and give it a try. When things get better and they will – the learning and knowledge can help transform your career, business or your take on life! Here are some of the free online courses you can check out:
Yale’s most popular course “Psychology and The Good Life”
Advanced Mathematics Courses from MIT, ASU & Other leading institutes
Advanced Photography Courses from Professional Photographers of America
Advanced Digital Marketing Courses from DigitalMarketer.com
“Blockchain Revolution” course series
Learn Responsive Web Design
Get started, some of these courses are actually paid and due to the current situation are being offered FREE – so don’t waste a minute go ahead and register today!
People! now is the time to fight back this unseen enemy together. Now is the time to stay focussed and united at the same keeping ourselves and the community healthy and safe.

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