Platform / Tools we worked on

  • React JS
  • Next.JS Web
  • PHP
  • Node.JS
  •   WordPress as Headless CMS
  • Docker
  • Microsoft Azure

RPS Consulting are an established provider of Certified IT and Softskills/Behavioural Trainings to enterprises across India and the globe. Part of NIIT Ltd, a market leader in the space of managed corporate training; RPS has been assisting its clientele to plan and seamlessly execute their employee training initiatives for the past 10+ years.

We were tasked to rebuild their website that was previously built on the ASP.NET based DNN Platform. The site had grown to be quite large, and loading times were taking up to 13 seconds to load, even with the fastest internet connection available. We suggested that we move to a headless CMS system using NextJS as their front-end JavaScript framework and WordPress as a ‘headless’ CMS. The end result was A responsive website with a powerful CMS, built on WordPress and NextJS, to make it load in under 4 seconds.


  • The site is completely responsive and looks and works great on any device
  • WordPress is used as a ‘headless’ CMS allowing regular site content updates by their non-technical staff
  • NextJS is used to build the site and make it load extremely quickly
  • The website loads in under 4 seconds on a standard internet connection

Tech Stack

  • Front End Technology

    React JS, Next.JS Web Frameworks

  • Backend Technology

    PHP, MARIADB, WordPress, Node.JS

  • CMS

    WordPress as Headless CMS

  • API

    Apollo Client, WPGraphql

  • Server/Deployment

    Containerized Approach using Docker Platform(DevOps)


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