Know about advertising on the Internet using Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns

by Admin 18. June 2010 19:50

Search engine marketing and website promotion consists of SEO (search engine optimization) also known as Organic search optimization and PPC (Pay per Click) or Inorganic Search Optimization. If you search for products and services in search engines you will notice that some search results displayed on the top and right hand side of the page.

These results are mentioned as “Sponsored results” in Yahoo, “Sponsored links” in Google and “Sponsored sites” in Bing. These entire search results are inorganic search results, meant to say is that all these results are not natural search results. You are seeing these search results by virtue of companies advertising on the Internet using PPC campaigns. In Google PPC campaign is known as Google AdWords, Yahoo PPC is known as Yahoo search marketing and in Bing it’s known as Microsoft Ad Centre. PPC campaign helps in finding the more customers to your business, in bringing more traffic to your site.
In PPC campaign you have to create your business ads and within few minutes your ad will start showing in search results.You use your business or service related keywords in you PPC ads. For better results you can take the help of keywords research tools, these tools will tell you what the people are searching in internet. So when people will search the keywords related to your business, your ad will come in search engines. PPC campaign has lots of benefits in your business promotion, a few of them are:

Your ad will be shown to only those people who are searching for product or services related to your business. Means you’re and getting clicks or visits from only those people who are actually looking for services.

You can reach out to more customers, you add will be shown thousands no. of quality and high traffic site.

In PPC campaign, there is no guess work; you can measure the click through rate, cost per acquisition and no. of leads you have generated through PPC campaign.
Moreover PPC campaigns are totally controllable; you can set the total budget and can stop the PPC campaign at any time.

You will pay only when someone clicks on your ads, you don’t have to pay for displaying the ad

In Google PPC campaign you can even set the city or particular region for ad campaign, so you can promote your ad on particular city. If you are not confident of running the campaign, or just don’t have the time, you can look for professional Internet Marketing companies who can help manage your advertisement campaigns for a small fee.

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