Google Search to be out in a new version soon - is your website ready?

by Admin 20. January 2010 20:20

Google had put out a secret project code named 'caffeine', way back in August 2009. This project was about, Google showcasing its next generation search technology, which promises quicker search results, and focuses on 'real-time' search, namely twitter, facebook, myspace feeds start showing up in search results. There are rumours, that Google which was testing its new technology, has since completed it, and should preview its new search technology sometime during January 2010.

Google has informed beta (test) users of this project that all these changes will more or less not be visible to regular folks who use Google to search for information, but the new changes would definitely be visible to power-searchers and SEO people (from the search engine optimisation business). All the new technology would be buried under the hood of Google's trademark clean and crisp home page.

Why did Google, bother to bring in new enhancements to its search technology? The answer is increased competition from Microsoft Bing and Yahoo. To retain and build on market share, Google has decided to bring in these new features. A major update in this to-be launched avatar of Google search, is that they would be incorporating search results from social media - such as Twitter, facebook, myspace etc. Your tweets on Twitter or updates on Facebook, Myspace will show up for related key-word searches and that to in real-time. So people who tweet with relevant and informative tweets should start getting a lot of positive web traffic from Google.

This brings us to the importance of Social media, as a SEO strategy. Companies, who hitherto, never bothered to look at a presence on Social media, will need to re-think on their plans, if they want to generate web traffic, sales and enquiries.

We are also keenly awaiting the impact of the new changes brought about by Google, and how it would affect website design and search engine optimisation. There were rumours, that Google would put out the new version immediatly after the new year - but it seems that it is live only at a few of its data centers in the US, and not across all its centers.

So till then, we await with bated breath!

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