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Website Maintenance and website updating services

Keep your website uptodate

As your business grows - so will your website. Website maintenance is a continuous process of improving and supporting a website to keep it working and up-to-date. Keeping your website updated with current information is an absolute necessity to portray a professional image.

How can I benefit from website maintenance?

The most popular search engines use the age and relevancy of content on your website as a yardstick to rank and sent traffic to your website. So to attract more visitors your site needs to change and enhance. Updating content to a website on a periodic basis can be very time consuming, especially if you are not a specialist. Hiring the services of a professional agency to handle your website updates & maintenance can benefit in the following ways:-

1. Knowledge & Experience of the agency will mean better quality and speedy work

2. New technologies can be incorporated, since agencies are in tune with what's new in Web world

3. Saves you time & effort!

Services we offer:

We have on roles a team that is made up of true professionals who are able to make the changes you need to your site within a very short time. Immersive Radical Digimedia can provide two options in website maintenance:

1. Website Maintenance Contract

This option allows you to make changes to your website throughout the period of the contract and pay on an hourly basis to simplify the billing and administrative process and get lower pricing

Ongoing Maintenance Service includes:-

Insertion of news snippets in home page

Addition / removal of PDF files for downloads

editing of text content in existing web pages

Products & Image management

Update changes to your website via FTP

2. One off Website maintenance

This option allows you to make one-off changes to your website as and when required, without further commitment. Prior to making any changes, Immersive Radical Digimedia will provide you with a fixed price quotation so you know exactly how much the update will cost before we start.

Rate: Rs.950/- Per Hour

Outsource your website maintenance requirement to Immersive Radical Digimedia, professional web site maintenance, web designing, e commerce web design Company in Bangalore.

If you require customized Website Maintainance for your website, contact us here.



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Web maintenance services

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