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Email Newsletter Design & Email Campaign

Email newsletters are a very effective marketing tool and a vital mechanism for driving traffic to your website. Newsletters are about building long-term relationships. They may include calls-to-action, but their prime goal is to strengthen the relationship between the customer or prospect and the sender.

The objective is usually to induce actions over the long-term. Newsletters aim to make the recipient much more likely at some time in the future to take the kind of actions ultimately desired by the sender – and take them again. Newsletters build long-term impact and influence.

Advantages of sending newsletters

Cost: the average cost of a letter sent by post is over Rs.10 per item. Email is Rs.1 or less. So for every letter you can send 10 emails

Timing: emails are instant, once you hit the send button it will land in the recipients in tray within minutes and most are opened the same day. So if you have important news, time sensitive events or an special last minute offers they will get it almost immediately.

Results: with email you can instantly see how many people opened an email and who clicked on links, so you can very quickly get a response and see what they like and what they want, then you can refine your message based on real results – presuming you are using a proper email tool.

Personal: Sending out newsletters to customers, keeps them 'in the loop' period. Customers would always like to know more about how the company is doing, launch of new products, promotions, or just a peronal hello from the CEO. Newsletters help in building a personal relationship like no other advertising medium.

Brand building: the mantra of direct marketing has always been about one-to-one communications. With email it is much more immediate, personal, and can be segmented easily and cheaply to suit the audience. It is an ideal opportunity to spread the word and build stronger ties with our supporters, ultimately developing your brand awareness and recognition.

Ease of use: people think of emails newsletters as a chore. But they are quick and easy compared to a printed newsletter. No endless copywriting, layout and printing, no envelop stuffing or reliance on an agency to get the mailing pack right. With the proper email tool and a template set up for repeated use, writing 4 or 5 one paragraph stories should be quick and easy, and remember that they can be more personal and less formal than the printed edition.

Combining email marketing with web analytics

Web analytics are the statistics of the visitors hitting your site with detailed reports on the pages they visited, time spent per page, landing page, exit pages etc. As we saw earlier, email marketing can be tracked to view reports on who have clicked, or opened your marketing messages. Email click reports don’t give any meaningful data about what the visitor did after arriving at your Web site. So if web analytics and email marketing can be combined, than you can expect more sophisticated analysis. The web analytics tool will be able to feed information on what individual visitors do between entering and exiting the site back to your email-marketing tool. This gives your email-marketing team greater freedom to send targeted messages to custom segments based on their Web behaviour.


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Email marketing services

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