Search Marketing Summit 2011 2-3, February 2011, at Askhaya Patra foundation

by Admin 1. February 2011 19:00

Attending SMS India 2011 currently being held at the MVT hall at ISKCON temple. Great speakers including Gillian Muessig of SEOMOZ, Eric Weaver of Ants Eye View media. There is a live video of Randy Fishkin from SEOMOZ Headquarters USA.

Plenty of updates to follow, as we live blog this event.

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A very interactive session with Mani karthik, on Social media and its influence on search engines. It turned out to be more like a Q&A session, with a lot of questions by the audience. 

Another interesting session was by Ian McAnerin of McAnerin Consulting & John Barron, Director Marketing of Gravity Free, USA.

SMS India 2011 is being held currently in Bangalore in aid of 'Akshaya Patra' foundation.



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