Mobile & Internet taking online shopping to the next level

by Admin 12. January 2011 01:23

Recent studies conducted during the holiday season in the US, found that a lot of shoppers nearly a third of them emailed or texted friends and family about an experience at a store or a great deal. A good percentage of shoppers even used their mobile phones to post reviews or pictures to Facebook, Twitter about their shopping experience. Of the users surveyed, nearly a half of them used their smart phones to find a store, research products they wanted to buy and one in three of such users even looked for discounts, deals & coupons on their mobile phones.


Smart phones and the internet have literally changed the way people shop. Customers today are better informed thanks to technology and can make quicker buying decisions. All these trends point to the future of retailing, and how retailers and businesses looking to attract customers need to rethink the way they sell to their customers, if they want to survive.

A few important points that stand out in this survey report are:

*About half (53%) said that they purchased a product in a retail store after researching the product on the internet.

*About half (44%) purchased a product online after shopping for the product previously in a physical store.

*Seven in ten (69%) say online customer ratings or reviews are very or somewhat valuable.

*About half find e-mail promotions (50%) or online videos of product features/reviews (53%) valuable



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