Google rewards Websites with original content but copy cats and spam websites punished.

by SunilN 28. February 2011 21:22

For the past 4 or 5 months, there much being written on the rise of the number of SPAM sites showing up in Google search results. SPAM sites for the uninitiated - are sites that have no useful content relevant to the search results and may just contain links to advertisements or malware (trojan) websites. In fact there was recent article in New York Times, which showed even how a major retail chain in the US could push up traffic by employing black hat search engine optimisation techniques. What the retail giant did was to buy links on thousands of other websites which had little or no connection to the fashion, retail industry. By having links on other websites pointing to different pages/products in their site, searches for dresses, suitcases, ladies handbags was getting them top listing in Google even beating out websites of product manufacturers which that retail chain was actually selling!

Google was getting a lot of bad publicity in the search industry blogs and forums. Google had declared war on spam sites that were employing banned methods to drive their traffic, and even introduced a chrome browser extension that allows users to block unwanted sites from appearing in their search results. The extension was to helps users spot and block low-quality spam content that they want to avoid. The sites will not show up in search results, though users can see blocked sites at any time and manage them. This data collected from users was one of the dozens of other sources that Google was using to fight spam.

The big change in the Google algorithms that power the website ranking systems came on the 25th of February 2011. This change was supposed to impact almost 11.8 % of the search queries, wherein spam sites, sites with low or no value, sites that have copied content, would be literally pushed out of the ranking system or 'demoted' as some people would like to call it.

Going forward in 2011, this should be an eye-opener for website owners and businesses that don't bother to write original content, but depend on copied content. This important update by Google should warn businesses that need Search optimisation and ranking services about the importance of using 'white-hat' or genuine SEO techniques and ensure that they hire SEO consultants who believe in ethics and good business practises.

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