Email marketing and SEO - a nice combination to generate leads and customers (Part 2/2)

by SunilN 26. February 2011 20:51

This is the second part of our earlier post on Email Marketing and SEO. Read the first part here

So if he is not going to buy, then why bother to target such visitors is what you may ask! The catch lies in the fact that customers never really buy a product unless they believe in the product, brand or company.  One of these factors definitely makes an impact in the buying decision. So if a business does not have a brand name or a 'hot-selling product, then how does he get the prospect to buy from him somewhere down the line.

Business owners can think of generating newsletter content that dishes out relevant articles, whitepapers, technical videos and graphs that can interest a visitor to hit the newsletter signup button. A sample newsletter can be provided as bait, so that he can preview before signing up. Thereafter, the mailer sent out should be a pure information oriented mailer with no straight forward marketing messages. A subtle way to reach out to your prospects would be to maybe include some of your customer case studies with videos, which would put your product/service in front without really making him think that you are hard selling him something. As this strategy evolves over a period of time, and you make efforts to increase your subscriber list, you can also ensure that your content becomes more appealing, powerful and something of immense value to your audience.

The end result is your target audience is a ready and target market where you can roll out your product demos, collect feedback, create subtle marketing campaigns, to this audience which readily believes in the company and its products & services. This audience would like to hear more about your company and its products. And would not hesitate to promote your company with word-of-mouth marketing. All this will ultimately lead to that one thing which every business owner wants – more sales and satisfied customers. So next time if you are planning on a SEO campaign, try not to make it with the intention to generate sales, but to generate long time prospects by having them hooked on to a email campaign, giving away relevant and useful information ultimately having them become paying customers to just prospects.



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