How Keywords play a key role in search engine optimization and ranking

by Admin 22. June 2010 01:01

Search engine ranking of your web site depends on a lot of factors, Keywords and Keyword phrases being one them. Whenever you have to search in search engine you type some keywords related to your search in search engines. Instead of typing everything or an entire line in the search engine you type in the main keywords related to the search query. For example if you are looking for some gifts for your friend’s marriage, you    would search for marriage gifts stores in Bangalore or marriage gifts showroom in a particular location like 'near MG Road'.”Marriage gifts stores Bangalore, MG Road" are the Keywords in above search query. So by typing the keywords in search engines you can find the search results of your query. So keywords are responsible for showing the results in search engines.


Let’s understand this in more detail, again let’s tak e the example of marriage gifts. Suppose you have business of various types of gifts and also you have a web site of your business. Now if someone is looking or searching for the keywords related to your business in search engines, then your web site has to come in top or 1st page for these keywords. If this is not happening, then there can be two reasons behind this

Your website design has not being optimised for Search engines, or in other words, is website is not search engine friendly.


Your website has been optimised, but not for major keywords & phrases, which your customers use when searching for your business / products

The second reason mentioned can be a very serious problem, since your website does not rank in the in the first page of search engines even after doing search engine optimization. This can happen when proper research has not been done on your web site. We can say that Keyword Research has been lacking as part of your website design strategy. Keywords research plays an important role in selecting the keywords for your web site. Keyword research tells you about the main keywords of your site or your business. Moreover keywords research helps you in finding the keywords people are searching for locally as well as globally. For keyword research there are various type of tools are available, some of the important keywords tools are word tracker, Google keyword research tool, SEO Book's Keyword suggestion tool etc.

After doing all these things make the lists of your primary and secondary keywords and use them according to search engines algorithm. 

The important places where your keyword & phrases need to appear are:

1. Web page title
2. In your Web site URL (
3. In the H1 Tag of your webpage
4. Images used in your site need to be named with one or more of your primary keywords (Eg. product-keyword.jpg)
5. Alt-Tag of your images need to contain keyword phrases

If you follow these simple techniques and have relevant and informative content in your webpage, then there is not doubt that your website would start bringing in visitors and business.

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