Google Instant Search - Will it affect SEO & your Website Ranking

by Admin 22. October 2010 03:09

Google's recently launched a new instant real time search, that has supposedly cost the search engine giant a lot of money to build, including the speed at which it has had to now display results which means more computing resources to power those algorithms.

But how this new feature affect search engine results and also the ranking of your website. Well for starters if you notice, Google displays results for every alphabet your type in the search box, with priority for the big brands. So an 'A' would display, 'B' for Bank Of America and so on. So this is really going to be a bit hard for small businesses. One thing to note however is that the instant results are personalised. Google takes into account your location and surfing habits as some of the data to display these results.

Will Google Instant make SEO irrelevant?

There are even some so-called experts which say Google Instant will be the end of SEO, since no two people will see the same results anymore. Once-upon-a-time a single search would display the same set of results for everyone, and that made SEO such a big impact for web marketing. But with instant search, everyone can now tweak and see various kinds of results with every letter they type in the box. On the other side, we have some others who argue that SEO cannot be killed overnight. The way you see results has changed, but the basics of SEO which are - quality content, back links & on page ranking factors which actually drives results has not changed at all. Keyword positioning will still get you to the number one spot in Google for your chosen phrase if you have the time and resources to create quality content, build quality one-way backlinks and use good on-page optimization. Besides the smaller emphasis on organic traffic, the only other real concern is the degree to which Google will use their suggestions and how much those suggestions are based not on SEO ranking factors but on users' histories and compiled data. Even with this concern, Google Instant, even at warp speed, does not negate the importance of getting those top rankings.

From a marketing angle, webmasters must now note Google's keyword suggestions which quickly pop-up and target them in their SEO efforts. Analyzing and targeting which keyword phrases Google are displaying in your niche market will be vital to capturing the majority of the traffic. Surfers will click on Google's suggestions to find what they're looking for on the web. Getting top rankings for those 4 or 5 suggestions will become important if an online marketer or webmaster wants to cover/corner all the search territory in their niche.




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