Google cuts down number of free users on Standard edition of Google Apps

by Admin 29. April 2011 03:13

Google apps is a service provided by Google targeted at businesses who are using free email services like Hotmail, Yahoo, and are keen to shift to using business email along with applications to communicate & collaborate. Google apps was launched with a free edition, called ‘Standard’, with businesses having up to 100 users eligible for the free service. It was an immediate success, with many small and large companies readily signing up for the service. Google later cut down the number of free accounts from 100 to 50. The paid version 'Google apps for business' costs about $50 or about Rs.2500 per user, which is quite a considerable sum for companies with 25 or more employees. As of April 27th, Google announced that it would further slash the number of free accounts to 10. This new limit comes into effect from May 10th 2011. Google has also announced that existing customers with more than 50 accounts won't be affected, but it remains to be seen, for how long.

Till then any company with less than 50 users, who is looking for free business email with word processing, spreadsheets & other features can register before the 10th of May from when the new limits come into effect. But it sure looks like a nice marketing ploy, by Google. By providing an extended deadline, it sure can attract new businesses with less than 50 users, who would be happy to use the free services. But what happens if Google all together scraps the standard edition of Apps in the future, and businesses with 1 or 50 users have to pay for continued use of services! Windfall for one, heartburn for others!



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